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Training of Parents in the Fight Against Cyberbullying

The CB4PARENTS project, which is attended by 7 partners from UK,TR, MT, SI, ES, and PT countries, aims to improve the education methods of parents.This project will serve at the same time to disseminate the fight against cyberbullying across Europe. The target group of the project is the parents who are living EU

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To raise awareness of educators,parents,children and young people about cyber bullying,secure use internet and impact of virtual reality on health,habits and social skills


To carry out and produce innovative educational models on Digital Literacy and ICT Security which can increase the effectiveness of parents in the fight against cyber bullying


To strengthen knowledge and network among partners and stakeholders to force against cyber crime in the EU and thus help to protect European citizens from online crimes (child sexual abuse, pornographic and sexual objects,the ethnic origin of the victim, religion,sex,sexuality,sharing the personal data of the individuals with others, etc.)


Establish cooperation between European institutions working in the field of adults education and free of national differences,included into literature,developing with ICT,and increasing the digital literacy of parents and providing ICT security education