The Multiplier Event in Bursa, Turkey

Dissemination and invitation of the event was through the headmasters and teachers of the government schools which are already related and worked in the cyberbullying topic. The participants have been provided with presentations of the common curriculum, modules and e-learning platform. At first IGEA organization’s profile was introduced, later on, the participants were informed with a brief information of what Erasmus + plus project and goals. Afterwards, the common curriculum, digital training materials, website and e-learning platform took part in the presentations. Thirty parents and educators from different occupations and fields have attended the event. Most of them were housewives. In the event, every aspect of Cyberbullying has been discussed and interpreted. The language and the content was very simple and basic for parents to understand.



Topics covered:

Project introduction and dissemination. What cyberbullying truly means. Real cases of cyberbullying. Children and adolescents in Cyberbullying. Parents and schools’ role in Cyberbullying. How to prevent it. Summary. The participants found the common curriculum well organized and informative enough. The participants interpreted the digital materials as very effective and easy to use and learn.

The content, visuals and slides attracted their attention. They found them very practical and contemporary. It was found that the contren of the digital materials were solution oriented.E-learning platform was the most best commented part among the outputs.  It was highlighted that the e-learning platform is very easy to use and the content is a summary of the cyberbullying topic. At the end of the event, twelve evaluation questions were asked to the participants. The questions which were based on quantity and quality were asked by a google survey. Most of the answers of the questions got full marks.