Multiplier Event in Slovenia

Another Multiplier Event of CB4PARENTS took place in Slovenia. Thirty parents from different interests and different occupations have attended the event. The layout of the event has been divided into 5 sessions and lasted two hours. Nina Triller Albreht, who is a coordinator of the Skofja Loka organization, has led the layout of the event. Other five teachers who are experts in this topic were in charge of presenting the project results. Each parent has contributed to the activity and  made their positive comments, and all participants were given the right to speak at the event. In the programme, the ğroject results have been discussed and evaluated such as digital materials, common curriculum and the e-learning platform. Through the end of the event, evaluation forms which consist of more than 10 evaluation questions have been handed out to the participants. The Feedbacks form participants were mostly positive. To sum up, the parents have found the results effective and useful.